1. Deluxe Potter’s Wheel (4001)
This product engages the children in pottery making activity. Children can actually make real pottery and can enjoy making it. read more >

2. Sticker Machine (4002)Sticker Machine by Kreative Box
This activity product occupies kids in making stickers on their own. They can draw images, cartoon characters etc. read more >

3. My Mask Maker (4003)
This Product engages kids in making masks of Paper Mache .The masks can be made with different combinations. read more >

4. Colour Printer (4004)
It engages kids in colour printing Activity. Kids understand basic Screen printing concepts by printing different designs. read more >

5. Ice Cream Maker (4005)
This Product involves kids in making actual Ice Creams of their own favorite flavors. They can make ice creams in 5-10 Min. read more >

6. Potato Chips Maker (4006)
This product engages kids in making real potato chips which they can eat. Chips can be cut in different shapes and cooked. read more >

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