About Us

We believe that the requirement of children for playing with the right kind of toys in the formative stages of childhood development alongside their educational pursuits is extremely important in the rapidly changing modern world. In keeping with this primary social objective, we have brought activity based toys which cater for both creative and educational needs of children. Our toys, besides being highly interesting and fun providers, keep children engaged in constructive activities. Our products are innovative and aim at enhancing children’s creativity in the right kind of supportive environment.
We recognize the vital need of providing Quality, Safe, Durable and Good Value products for children. Child’s safety is the first priority for us. We fully ensure that all our products confirm to, American ASTM F 963 and European EN 71 Toy Safety Standards.

We understand that both solitary and social activities are necessary for a child’s development. Our toys aim at meeting the aspirations of children’s interests and enhancing their mental and psychological attributes. Our toys help children develop self-confidence, self-reliance, perseverance and at the same time acquire social attributes like sharing, understanding, leadership qualities and mutual co-operation while playing in a group.

Our Kreative Box assures supply of products which cater for development of motor skills, cognitive skills and social skills through a variety of play experiences.

Why Us?

Dedication and experience are the terms that describe our team of professional young designers spearheaded by Mr. Amol along with experience of almost a decade and well versed with every aspect of production of toys. They always keep themselves abreast with the ever changing toy market needs to fulfill the prevailing market requisites.

Skill Development

Physical Skill
Physical and gross motor skills are developed as the child learns to reach out, run, crawl, climb, balance things and grasp. Gross motor skills involve usage of a large number of muscles to make big movements. Fine motor skills are developed as Children handle small toys. These skills consist of smaller movements, usually those of the hands and fingers. Our toys engage kids in all these kinds of movements and thus help them in developing physical skills.

Cognitive Thinking Skill
While playing with our toys Children learn to solve problems, recognize the colors, learn the numbers and are able to understand the concept of different shapes and sizes. They can enhance their memory skills and start thinking on higher levels as they play with such toys. This includes various aspects like remembering, problem solving and decision making as they grow up.

Social Skills
Our toys help children to develop interactive skills such as taking turns to play, sharing thoughts and allowing others to have their chance. These skills grow as the child plays with our activity toys. They learn to respond to activities that require a child to wait for others, with patience and without interruption. They learn to co-operate, negotiate and play according to the rules. They learn to overcome their hesitations. Our toys create strong bonds between the children and their families. They discuss ideas about the different creative options with the toy. They learn to enjoy one another’s company too.